Deed Names: Verner Eyes of Hrafn, Thousand Meters.

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Born: 1989.

Auspice/Moon: New Moon/Ragabash/Rotagar

Rank: Fostern

Pack: None



Basic Homid Description: Verner is a tall, lean, but muscular man looking to be in young adulthood. He has a chiseled, square jaw that stands out on his face along with piercing brown eyes that always seem to be looking for something. His hair is short and brown, usually done back to avoid any getting in his line of sight. He usually wears gear that matches the surrounding area to help blend in and is never seen without either his sniper rifle, bolt-action, or the bags containing them (Appearance 2, Get of Fenris Pure Breed x3).

In the umbra, Verner's skin tone and fur seem to change with his surroundings, not tangibly blending him in but certainly giving it the old college try. His eyes are even more piercing, reminiscent of the eyes of a wise raven. Otherwise, though, he remains quite the same.

Basic Crinos Description: Verner's Crinos has a lean and sleek feel to it that doesn't quite do his strength justice but makes him look ready to clear a football field in ten seconds. The fur is a stunning pattern of gray and white that makes his tribal affiliation abundantly clear.

Basic Lupus Description: Verner's Lupus is a sleek, gray and white wolf that bears the markings characteristic to Fenrir in its pattern. In Lupus, Verner always moves close to the ground and with his nose to the wind if he can, always on alert.


Verner has family in Norway, but has no real contact with them. Presumably, they are Kin but not necessarily knowingly.

Common Knowledge

  • Verner is known to be a superb scout, extremely stealthy, and with incredibly good eyesight.
  • Verner has had the honor of slaying one of the Swords of Heimdall.
  • Verner's Fostern challenge involved providing a sept with the info they needed to destroy a Spiral Hive.


  • Obtained his eyesight from some source of magic.


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