Deed Names:

  • Disarodd (Meaing "Voice of the Disir")

Creature Type:

  • Garou

Breed Form:

  • Lupus


  • Get of Fenris



  • Godi (Theurge)


  • Cliath


  • None



  • Two appearance Related Traits. (Magnetic)
  • She has the ability to partially shift her forms.
  • She smells musky like most animals
  • She seems to be a natural when dealing with spirits.
  • Never eats anything but meat, preferring raw over cooked.
  • Get Of Fenris Pure Breed x2

Basic Homid Description:
In her homid Form, Ulfdis is less than impressive. Standing at a mere 5'6" and looking almost scrawny, but she has an air of the Wyld about her. She dresses in the pelts of her prey, mostly rabbit and fox furs pieced together to maintain a modest air about her in the presence of other homids. She is, by far, not the most attractive female to be found, nor the most well bred of the Get of Fenris, but she upholds her duty with a ferocity known to few. Even when in her homid form, she has a faint musky scent, but does not seem bothered by it at all. Her hair falls in long blond tresses past her waist, her eyes, a stormy grey.

Within the Umbra, Ulfdis seems more of a spirit than a Garou, showing her link to the spiritual side, however she displays a Modi's build, as opposed to her usual lithe and rather small stature, resembling a direwolf of old.

Basic Crinos Description:
In Crinos she is your average ten foot tall death machine. Wicked razor sharp claws and fangs, intense molten gold eyes, and a no nonsense attitude. Like her lupus form, she is lithe and agile, though more than capable of tearing her enemy apart if the need arises. Her fur is sleek and grey, with the only dark patches being on paw and tail.

Basic Lupus Description:
Like others of her Tribe, Ulfdis bears a grey colored pelt and a strongly set jaw. She is of clear Get of Fenris breeding, though it's unsure what it's mixed with, as most know her mother to have stronger Fenrir Blood.

Her grey pelt is accented with darker paws, and the end of her tail is dark as well, her eyes a golden honey color, taking in her surroundings with a critical eye. While in Lupus, rarely does her tail wag, or does she display anything dog-like in mannerisms. She is Lupus born after all. She is thinly built more for speed than strength, as her prowess lies in her ability with the spirits, not that of ripping apart her foes.


Common Knowledge


Ulfdis, daughter of Wyrm's Bane, first of the third litter, first born on the sept of Fenris' Jaw, was only one of a few lupus garou on sept. Though young, she displayed an uncanny ability to work with the spirits on the sept.

Her Rite of Passage gained her much praise, as she eliminated a threat to the sept single handedly, returning triumphant, and bloodied, as any proud warrior of Fenris.

She is known to have left the sept several months ago with two other Fenrir who hailed from Broken Jaw on a pack quest, dedicating themselves to Mammoth. The two she traveled with were both Forseti, Brothers, known as Keeps the Troth, and Vengeance's Steady Hand. Both were also Cliath. They journeyed north for their quest, and not a word of any of the three has reached the sept

She has since returned, without her pack, bringing word to the Jarl of a Spiral pack to the north that destroyed her pack, and left her for dead. She now bides her time in the Caern Heart, creating Talens for the coming war and preparing the Hov.

When not occupied in the Caern Heart, she can be found on the bawn, partaking in patrols, or hunting.


  • The only reason she survived her RoP is because she summoned a powerful spirit to do the work for her.
  • She's really a spirit in disguise.
  • She rarely takes Homid form because she feels ugly.


IC Contact Info

It's best to howl for her, she can neither read, nor write, so leaving a note is silly. Cell phone? Pah, dirty weaver toys.


OOC Information

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