The Hall

A massive wooden structure that is rather utilitarian looking on the outside, the interior is another story. As one enters from the front they are greeted by polished wooden floors that cover the area except for the middle which is dirt and has a nice sized fire, whether it be due to the theurges or the spirit’s or simply creative ingenuity the smoke flows straight up to an exit at the top rather then filling the room. There is often a young boy with a band about his neck marking him as a thrall tending to the fire. Which is also where the food is prepared. Behind the fire is a massive throne with carved ravens at the top of the backrest and carved snarling wolf heads on the arm rests, this is the ancestral seat of the Jarls. Amidst the rest for the room there are long tables and benches. There are side rooms as well which are intended for lodging, in addition to the lodge houses. The Caern heart rests below the hall.




(As seen from the Jarl's Throne)

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