The Forge

A massive affair that is intended to serve all of the septs needs from armor to weapon-smithing to other necessary items. This till recently was run by a massive older Get of Fenris named Olai who was of English extraction. He has recently taken a more hands off approach staying around to beat some metal and offer advice when asked. It is now primarily run by Eydis, the Get of Fenris Kinfolk who is in charge of most of the affairs of the Forge.

The forge is kept meticulously clean, swept constantly between projects by Eydis, the tables wiped down daily, and the hearth itself cleaned once a week. The work space is rather open, to provide the Smiths plenty of room to move about, to work their tasks. The storage rooms consist of two sections, one of which is mostly bins of scrap metal, and smaller pieces for specialty tasks. The larger room, is filled with sleves and racks used mostly for armor, and the larger pieces that can not be stored in the bins. The door to Eydis' quarters is found through the storage, as it seems to have orginally been a smaller storage area, but from disuse, it was remodeled for her own use.

On the floor itself, are two work stations, with space enough for two practiced smiths to busy themselves. In the corner, near to the doorway of Olai's quarters, is a curious Barrell that is kept as off limits to anyone but Olai himself. Eydis enforces this rule, with threats of missing fingers to anyone who disobeys.

At Olai's request, the primary language within the forge itself is English, which Eydis complies to, and expects others to adhere to as well.

Idiocy and plain lack of common sense within the forge is greeted with Eydis' temper. She will not tolerate drama or chaos within 'her' forge.

Supplies are not made readily available for public use within the forge. For access to steel, iron, copper, and any other basic metal needed, one must go to the foundry, and speak with the twins who run it, who are also Olai's mates.

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