Slava Radulfsdottir

Name Jarloslava Radulfsdottir (Jarl's Glory)

Tribe Get of Fenris


Relation Daughter of Jarl Radulf and Audus Radulfwyfe

Notable Traits Currently fostered to the city sept, under the guardianship of Oxalina Svensdottir "Howls the Paved Road", Alpha of the city sept in Reykjavik

Pack none

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
Father - Jarl Radulf Thorgrimsson
Mother - Audus Radulfwyfe
Aunt - Aslaug Radulfwyfe

siblings in order: ( a little help with names here, eh ST-sir?)
Half-brother - <name> fostered out to maternal grandfather's sept
Brother - Albodr, kin, living in Reykjavik
Half-brother - Elrick (Gillian)
Half-brother - Ivar

Rites and Challenges not applicable (though I could probably list a bunch of really silly things here, if only I wouldn't get smacked for them all >.>)

Quests not applicable

== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

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