Quick Resource list for Creation

for those days when the book is juuuut outta reach.



Str: Brawny, Ferocious, Stalwart, Tough, Wiry
Dex: Dexterous, Graceful, Lithe, Nimble, Quick
Sta: Enduring, Resilient, Robust, Rugged, Tireless
Misc: Agile, Energetic, Steady, Tenacious, Vigorous, Brutal
Neg: Clumsy, Cowardly, Decrepit, Delicate, Docile, Flabby,
Lame, Lethargic, Puny, Sickly


Cha: Charismatic, Charming, Dignified, Eloquent, Expressive, Genial
Manip: Beguiling, Commanding, Ingratiating, Persuasive
App: Alluring, Elegant, Gorgeous, Magnetic, Seductive
Misc: Diplomatic, Empathetic, Friendly, Intimidating, Witty
Neg: Bestial, Callous, Condescending, Dull, Feral, Naïve, Obnoxious
Repugnant, Shy, Tactless, Untrustworthy


Perc: Attentive, Discerning, Insightful, Observant, Vigilant
Intel: Cunning, Disciplined, Knowledgeable, Rational, Reflective
Wits: Alert, Clever, Intuitive, Shrewd, Wily
Misc: Creative, Dedicated, Determined, Patient, Wise
Neg: Forgetful, Gullible, Ignorant, Impatient, Oblivious, Predictable, Shortsighted
Submissive, Violent, Witless


Academics, Alertness, Animal Ken, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Computer, Crafts, Dodge, Drive, Empathy, Enigmas, Etiquette, Expression, Finance, Firearms, Hobby/Professional/Expert Ability, Intimidation, Investigation, Law, Leadership, Linguistics, Medicine, Meditation, Melee, Occult, Performance, Politics, Primal-Urge, Repair, Rituals, Science, Scrounge, Security, Streetwise, Subterfuge


Allies, Ancestors, Contacts, Fetish, Influence, Kinfolk, Mentor, Purebreed, Resources, Rites, Totem


Bureaucracy, Church, Finance, Health, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Political, Street, Transportation, Underworld, University

Starting Gifts


Ragabash: Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water
Theurge: Mother's Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speach
Philodox: Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia
Galliard: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Mindspeak
Ahroun: Falling Touch, Inspiration, Razor Claws


Homid: Master of Fire, Persuasion, Smell of Man
Metis: Create Element, Primal Anger, Sense Wyrm
Lupus: Hare's Leap, Heightened Senses, Sense Prey


gifts and restrictions if applicable
Black Furies: Breath of the Wyld, Heightened Senses, Sense WYrm
Bone Gnawers: Cooking, Resist Toxin, Tagalong
(restrictions: may not buy Ancestors, Purebreed, or Resources)
Children of Gaia: Mercy, Mother's Touch, Resist Pain
Fianna: Faerie Light, Persuasion, Resist Toxin
(no restrictions, but at least 1 level of Kinfolk is recommended)
Get of Fenris: Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Snarl of the Predator
(restrictions: may not buy contacts)
Glass Walkers: Control Simple Machine, Diagnosis, Trick Shot
(restrictions: may not buy ancestors, mentor, or purebreed)
Red Talons: Beast Speech, Scent of Running Water, Wolf at the Door
(restrictions: solely compromised of lupus with a small number of metis; may not buy human Allies, contacts, or resources; all of their kinfolk are wolves.)
Shadow Lords: Aura of Confidence, Fatal Flaw, Seizing the Edge
(restrictions: may not buy allies or mentor)
Silent Striders: Sense WYrm, Silence, Speed of Thought
(restrictions: may not buy Ancestors or Resources)
Silver Fangs: Falcon's Grasp, Lambent Flame, Sense Wyrm
(restrictions: must buy at least 3 levels of Purebreed)
Uktena: Sense Magic, Shroud, Spirit Speech
Wendigo: Call the Breeze, Camouflage, Resist Pain
(restrictions: may not buy contacts or resources)

Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower

Rage follows the light of Luna's face at the moment of the Garou's birth.
Ragabash 1, Theurge 2, Philodox 3, Galliard 4, Ahroun 5

Gnosis is reflective of the connection a Garou's breed tends to have with Gaia.
Homid 1, Metis 3, Lupus 5

Willpower is a different story, just think of it this way:
Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, and the Wendigo all start off at Willpower of 4

Everybody else starts off at Willpower of 3. Everybody.

If the Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower doesn't work for you, please feel free to purchase more within the range limits if your particular rank :)

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