Renown Chart

Annex D: Renown Awards Chart
Spiritual and/or Religious
Deed –dealing with a Spiritual or Religious Nature. Glory Honor Wisdom
Purifying a Wyrm-tainted object, person or place 2
Summoning an Incarna avatar 2
Travelling to any Umbral Realm and surviving 3 3
Successfully completing a spirit quest in the Umbra 3
Failing to successfully complete a spirit quest in the Umbra -2
Having properly followed a prophetic dream 5
Giving good Mystical Advise 2
Giving Poor Mystical Advise -2
After following mystic signs and advice…
- Discovering a Talen 1
- Discovering a fetish 2
- Discovering ancient Garou lore 4
- Discovering a Pathstone 6
- Discovering an ancient Caern that was lost 7
Giving a prophetic warning that later comes true 5
Giving a prophetic warning that doesn’t come true -3
Ignoring omens, dreams and the like for no good reason -1
Rites and Gifts
Deed – refers to the learning performance and use of Gifts and Rites.
These are individual Awards. Glory Honor Wisdom
Performing a Rite for the First time – Minor 2
Performing a Rite for the First time – Basic
Perfroming a Rite for the Fist time - Intermediate 3
Performing a Moot Rite 2
Refusing to perform a Moot Rite when asked -3
Missing a Moot Rite -1
Performing the Rite of Passage 2 1
Receiving a Rite of Wounding 2
Performing a Rite of Caern Building 2 5 7
Participating in a Rite of Caern Building 5 3
Participating in a successful Great Hunt rite 3
Participating in a failed Great Hunt rite -2
Suffering the Rite of Ostracism -1 -5 -1
Suffering the Stone of Scorn -8 -2
Suffering the Rite of the Jackal -2 -7
Suffering a Satire Rite Lose one Rank and all temporary renown points
Performing a Punishment Rite 2
Performing a Punishment Rite unjustly -5
Refusing to participate in a rite -1
Giggling, joking or otherwise being disrespectful during a rite -1 to –5
Basic -1 -1 -2
Intermediate -2 -2 -4
Advanced -3 -3 -6
Learning a new rite Based on Type. Includes a bonus if learned by the appropriate Auspice. These are listed in the Brackets. 1
- Rites of Accord. (Theurge, and Philodox) 1 1
- Caern Rites (Theurge) (and Galliards for The Moot Rite) 1 1
- Rites of Death (Theurge, Philodox, and Galliard 1
- Mystic Rites (Theurges) 2
- Punishment Rites (Philodox and Galliard) 1 1
- Rites of Renown (All) 2
- Seasonal Rites (Theurge and Galliard) 2
… Is an Intermediate Rite +2
… Is an Advanced Rite +4
Being Taught a new Gift. Requires being roleplayed with Spirit Teacher +1
Garou teaching another Garou a Gift -2 -2 -2
Learning a Gift from another Garou -2 -2 -2
Discovering/creating a new rite 3
Discovering/creating a new gift 3
Dead Glory Honor Wisdom
Binding inappropriate items to oneself with Rite of Talisman Dedication (such as a chainsaw, Nintendo or wristwatch). This does not apply to Glass Walkers or Bone Gnawers. -2
Spending a year in ritualistic seclusion 5
Glory Honor Wisdom
Creating a talen 1
Using a fetish for the good of the sept or tribe 2
Using a fetish for selfish reasons only -2
Creating a fetish 4
Owning a klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use) 2 1
Owning a Grand Klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use) 3 2
Sacrificing a fetish for the good of the sept or tribe 4
Accidentally breaking a fetish or talen -1 to –5
Accidentally breaking or losing a klaive -3

Combat and Encounters
Combat and Encounters Glory Honor Wisdom
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 3
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 1 3
Ending a threat without serious hard to any Garou 5
Surviving an incapacitating wound 2
Surviving any toxic waste attack 2
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid 2 -2
Attacking a minion of the Wyrm without regards to personal safety 3 -3
Defeating a minor minion of the Wyrm 2
Defeating an average minion of the Wyrm 3
Defeating a strong minion of the Wyrm 5
Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm 7
Accumulative with one of the above.
…destroying or killing the minion +1
…without a single other Garou being hurt +1
…without being damaged or hurt in the process +1
…the minion(s) were armed with silver weapons +1
Deed - Glory Honor Wisdom
Revealing, with certain proof, that a human or Kinfolk is of the Wyrm 2
Falsely accusing a Kinfolk of being of the Wyrm -2 -3
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is of the Wyrm 3
Revealing, with certain proof, that a Garou is of the Wyrm 6
Falsely accusing a Garou of being of the Wyrm -5 -4

Garou Society
Sept and Tribe
Deed – These refer to duties performed and behaviours that characters carry out. Glory Honor Wisdom
Performing regular duties and chores for the Sept 1/month
Failing to perform regular duties and chores for the Sept -2/month
Serving in any Sept position, plus modifier for actual position (This is Cumulative. Only one position can be claimed). 1/month
Sept Alpha 1/month 1/month 1/month
Sept Beta 1/month 1/month
The Gate Keeper 1/month 1/month
The Keeper of the Land 1/month
The Master of the Challenge 1/month 1/month 1/month
The Master of the Rite 2/month
The Caern Warder 2/month 1/month
The Den Parent 2/month
Striking a Cub without the permission of the Den Parent -2 -1
Refusing any Sept position -1 -2 -1
Loyal service to a Sept 1/year 2/year 1/year
Loyal service to a tribe 1/year 3/year 1/year
Bringing Tribal business up that does not concern the Sept -1 -1 -1
Giving an inappropriate Challenge for Rank condition -2 -2 -2
Breaking the High Ban -2 -4
Deed – These are in relation to Caern protection.
All are awarded to the Pack, provided the other pack members are present. Glory Honor Wisdom
Helping guard a Caern 1
Staying at your post when on Caern watch, even when tempted not to 2 1
Not staying at your post when on caern watch -3
Not helping guard a Caern, even when asked -3
Keeping a Caern safe from humans through trickery or negotiation 4
Helping to prevent a Caern from being overrun by the Wyrm 3 4
Not preventing a Caern from being overrun by the Wyrm -3 -7
Died while defending a Caern (posthumous) 5 5
Single-handedly preventing a Caern from being taken by the Wyrm 5 8
Deed - Sept Moots (Some losses are cumulative with other offenses warranting Renown loss but only include rank and Pure Breed Modifiers the once): Glory Honor Wisdom
Master of the Howl 3 1
Assisting the Master of the Howl 1
Interupting the Master of the Howl. (Not Cumulative). -2 - 1 -1
Caller of the Winds 3
Assisting the Caller of the Winds 1
Interrupting the Calling of the Winds (May also earn Spirit Noteriety) - 1 - 2
Truth Catcher 3
Assisting the Truth Catcher 1
Speaking out of Turn During the Cracking of the Bone (Not Cumulative). - 1
Talesinger requires the telling of a tale. (This is acumulative). 2 1
Telling an ordinary Tale During Stories and Songs. (performance 3+ average roleplaying of performance). 1
Telling a good Tale During Stories and Songs (Requires 50 % of players agree). (performance 4+ excellent roleplaying of performance) 2 1
Telling a great Tale During Stories and Songs (Requires 75% of players agree). (performance 5+ monumental roleplaying of performance) 3 1 2
Telling a bad Tale During Stories and Songs (Not Cumulative) -2 -1
The Wyrmfoe 2 1
Assiting the Wyrmfoe 1
Not giving Gnosis During the Revel. (Not Cumulative). -1
Showing Great Strength or Martial Prowess During the Revel. (Plus any additional renown for deeds worthy of it). 1
Average Fool (Normal Roleplaying) 1 1
Good Fool (a very impressive roleplaying performance) (Requires 50% of Players to agree) 1 2 2
Great Fool (an incredible roleplaying performance) (Requires 75% of Players to agree) 2 2 3
Attacking another Garou during the Moot (does not include the Revel) - 2 - 2 - 2
Missing a Sept Moot - 1
Protection and Defence
Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Healing a fellow Garou (non-pack member) unselfishly 1
Showing mercy to a wayward Garou 3
Protecting a helpless Garou (Includes aid to a Cub) 4
Not protecting a helpless Garou (Includes aid to a Cub) -5
Protecting a helpless human 2
Not protecting a helpless human -1
Protecting a helpless wolf 5
Not protecting a helpless wolf -6
Supporting an innocent being accused of a crime (who is later proven innocent) 5
Supporting an innocent being accused of a crime (who is later proven guilty) -4
Death while defending your pack 4 6
Death in Sacrifice to Gaia 7 7
Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
You are pack leader (awarded once, when position gained) 3
Living alone, without one’s pack, except for ritual reasons -1 -1 -2

Relations with other garou
This includes any and all lessons taught by one Garou to another Garou. Glory Honor Wisdom
Giving good advice 2
Giving bad advice -2
Mediating a dispute fairly and impartially 3
Mediating a dispute unfairly -4
Keeping one’s promises 2
Failing to keep one’s promises -3
Being truthful 2
Being truthful in the face of extreme adversity 5
Being deceptive -3
Bring deceptive in the face of extreme adversity -1
Any time trickery backfires -2
Attempting to act outside one’s auspice. (Per time). -3
Speaking dishonorably to one’s elders -1 to -5
Speaking without permission at a moot (inclusive of that written in the moot Tables). -1
Speaking poorly of the Garou as a whole -2
Speaking poorly of one’s auspice -4
Speaking poorly of one’s tribe -5
Speaking poorly of one’s pack -6
Speaking poorly of another tribe (does not include Bone Gnawers) -1
Crying Wolf (summoning the sept when there is no real danger) -5
For a Homid, ignoring one’s wolf nature for too long -3
For a Metis, attempting to hide one’s deformity -3
For a lupus, using too many human tools and other Weaver things -1/use
Challenges: Glory Honor Wisdom
Participating in an unjust challenge -3
Challenging someone too far above or below your rank. ie 2 Ranks above your own. (Modify per difference in Rank). -1 per diff
Accepting a Challenge from someone too far below you rank. ie 2 Ranks below you own. (Modify per difference in Rank). -1 per diff -1 per diff
Beating a Garou of higher rank in Physical or Martial Challenge. 2
Beating a Garou of higher rank in a Just or Challenge of Honor. 2
Beating a Garou of higher rank in a Challenge of Wits or Wisdom. 2
Glory Honor Wisdom
Character suffered a berserk frenzy outside of Combat -1
Character suffered a Fox Frenzy -1 -1
Character suffered a Fox Frenzy, abandoning his pack -2 -1 -2
Character suffered a Berserk Frenzy and injured fellow Garou, outside of combat. -2 -3
The character was in the Thrall of the Wyrm -4 -3 -4
The character performed a heinous act while in Thrall of the Wyrm -5 -4 -5
Human and Kinfolk Relations
Human and Kinfolk Relations Glory Honor Wisdom
Maintaining good relations with nearby kinfolk 2
Having poor relations with nearby kinfolk -3
Choosing a mate and breeding 3
Choosing a mate but not breeding -1
Honorably mated 2/year
Protecting the Veil 4
Harming/rending the Veil -5
Repairing the Veil 3 1
This one is dependant upon how the characters tribe views the Litany and its stanzas. Glory Honor Wisdom
Upholding the Litany 1-5 1-5 1-5
Breaking the Litany -1 to -8 -1 to -8 -1 to -8
Stereotype - Tribal
Roleplaying Tribal Stereotype Glory Honor Wisdom
Black Fury's 2
Bone Gnawers 2
Children of Gaia 1 1
Fianna 1 1
Get of Fenris 2
Glass Walkers 2
Red Talons 1 1
Shadow Lords 2
Silent Striders 2
Silver Fangs 1 1
Uktena 2
Wendigo 2
Stereotype - Auspice
Roleplaying Auspice Stereotype Glory Honor Wisdom
Ragabash 1 1
Theurge 2
Philodox 2
Galliard 1 1
Ahroun 2

Rank modifiers Added to the Respective Renown Loss. The modifier is only added to that type of Renown lost, not the ones that are not effected. Glory Honor Wisdom
1. Cliath 0 0 0
2. Fostern -1 -1 -1
3. Adren -2 -2 -2
4. Athro -3 -3 -3
5. Elder -4 -4 -4
Pure Breed
Pure Breed modifiers Added to the Respective Renown Loss. The modifier is only added to that type of Renown lost, not the ones that are not effected. Glory Honor Wisdom
Pure Breed 1 -1 -1 -1
Pure Breed 2 -1 -1 -1
Pure Breed 3 -2 -2 -2
Pure Breed 4 -2 -2 -2
Pure Breed 5 -3 -3 -3

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