Famous one-liners …

or at least hopefully not more than four or five liners ;)

  • Muninn-Homid growls and lunges, shifting into Rara Avis and tries to grab Valdis' shoulders with his feet.
  • Valdis[Fianna-3rdEye] yelps in surprise, and gets caught
  • Muninn-Homid takes off, surging into the air before dropping her in a snowbank.

<Valdis[Fianna-3rdEye]> Ack!

  • Muninn-Homid lands nearby and shifts back to Homid
  • Valdis[Fianna-3rdEye] lands in the snow, spluttering

<Muninn-Homid> In Soviet Russia, you get thrown at the snow!

<Goldilocks> You aren't angry?
<Robert[GoF3]Homid> What would I be angry for?
<Goldilocks> Many get possessive, even when it isn't decided yet
<Robert[GoF3]Homid> We have an agreement.

  • Goldilocks nods.

<Robert[GoF3]Homid> I have no right to you until you decide.

  • Goldilocks giggles "And after that, we get to fight about things"

<Robert[GoF3]Homid> Fight?
<Goldilocks> Well you know how they bicker, even when its mostly just playful. Father's mates pick on him and bully him and he roars and rages telling them "I'm the man, I will decide" and then he does it anyway.

  • Ethan glances at the note that Kari had written and chuckles. "I can pretty much turn my hand to anything. Some things though, I refuse to do…like paperwork"
  • Gillian glances to Kari and stage-whispers <E> "He's afraid of paper-cuts" and nods sagely.

*Eydis[GoF4] frowns, "If I knew what to say, I'd speak…"
<Siv[GoF4]> Start with, "Sorry I stabbed you, sis."

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