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#Iceland-ooc » This is our general out-of-character room. Sneak in here if you'd like to visit and gab about gamestuff. Players are over 18 years old, adult topics and language happen frequently. If you are uncomfortable, say so and people will (usually) stop.

For detailed descriptions go to Venue Style and Setting Info

#ice-hall <— main RP room

#ice-bawn <— the bawn

#ice-hotsprings <— natural hot springs, outdoors, rocks and such, not for public sex

#ice-lodge <— lodgings for families and such

#ice-dens <— dens for the lupus to live in

#ice-caernheart <— the.. heart… of the caern

#ice-forge <— armor, weapons, etc are made here

#ice-foundry <— materials melted down for use in the forge

#ice-tannery <— tan your hides

#ice-brewery <— beehives and brew equipment, booze is made here

#ice-coldhouse <— food storage, there is no kitchen, meals are prepared over fire in the hall

More rooms to come as created / needed; the nearby city, kinfolk settlement if it applies, any other commonly used buildings or locations

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