Player: Harris G


Aliases: None that are flattering

Rank: Neocornix

Tribe: Corax

Auspice: Don't have them

Breed: Corvid

Pack: Um… no?




A rather large coal black raven.

A rather small Icelandic looking man in his mid to late twenties. His black hair seems to cling to his head. Normally is his found in wearing blacks, reds, and deep purples. More agile then he is strong, his quickness is still a large asset to his frame.

Notable Traits

* Twitchy
* Sometimes talks to someone who isn't there.
* Likes his shinies, but you really shouldn't try to distract him with them. It makes him angry.
* Bouts of extreme Paranoia.
* Somewhat annoying

Common Knowledge

* Vampires hate him.
* I mean really hate him.
* He's probably hiding something.
* He stole something from the Vampires. It was Gungnir


* He is actually THE Muninn from Norse Myth.
* Things go missing while he's around.
* He divebombed some Elder Vampire's Cheerios, probably Wotan.
* wait.. He's How old? (700 years)

Kinfolk / Family




+++++IC Contact Info

* find him flying around, a spirit, or sometimes signal flares work… sometimes.
* No shinies, shinies lead to stabbings in your sleep or at the very least a poopin in your nose.
* OOC: moc.oohay|131aremihC#moc.oohay|131aremihC or find me online (Harris-OOC or Ogre-OOC)

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