Miharu Cloudwalker Taima Huyana Heart Balance of two


Player: Megan

Aliases: Miharu is the only name unless you know her secret name

Rank: Cliath

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Philodox

Breed: Homid

Pack: None





stand 5'4" I weigh about 135 have blue black hair no she does not dye it. She have Bright Blue eyes and medium kin tone she look to be about 24 or 25 she have tatoos around Her wrists of diffrent animals that seem to be intertwined Head to tail she have a single scar under my eye that looks like a tear drop

Notable Traits

* Pure breed x3 Uktena
* alluring x3 Elagent x2
* Needs glasses to read

Common Knowledge

* Her Whole family Died in an attack on her home sept
* She follows the norns
* Her father was a Get of Fenris Kin


* she is not really an Uktena but a fera
* she killed 15 BSD's when she firsted
* she is called heart balance because she has two mates
* She is really a kin with magic powers


Ask and you shall recive

Kinfolk / Family



IC Contact Info

* send a spirit or howl for her
* get her cell number from her
* Should players watch OOCly for your nick on IRC or is there an e-mail those with contact information should use?

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