Micheal Ambrosia

"Child of Aphrodite"

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Get of Fenris [Pb3]

Born: February 14, 1984


Micheal has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, pale (almost tan) brown eyes, stands 6'3 with a muscular frame. Most often seen in faded 501 blue jeans, a long sleeved open collar shirt, leaving his dogtags visible, and a black duster. Usually also in steel toed boots and an old black cowboy hat. He frequently wears sunglasses, even indoors, and more often than not has a hand rolled cigarette between his lips. He speaks with a soft Texan drawl and seems in many ways to be the epitome of cowboy. The ladies tend to be drawn to him and he treats them with respect even when he is being flirtatious.

7 Appearance traits (Gorgeous, Magnetic, Seductive), Charismatic x4
Animal Magnetism Merit.

He has a few visible markings and scars from his time in Iraq and one tattoo, a tribal armband around his right bicep.



"Aphrodite's Blessing, Claws of Fury, Razor Tongue, Violence Fetish"
-Black Fury, Ahroun

Eyvindur Vigharthurson
-Get of Fenris Kinfolk

The Twins
Alecto & Megaera
-Black Fury Kinfolk
-Alecto is an Assistant District Attorney in Austin Texas
-Megaera is a Divorce Attorney in Austin Texas
-"Bite of the Asp"
-Black Fury, Galliard

-"Walks the Balance"
-Get of Fenris, Ragabash

Common Knowledge

Micheal Ambrosia is the son of a Black Fury Ahroun and a Get of Fenris Kinfolk, with 3 older sisters and a younger brother who recently changed and is now a member of their Father's Tribe. Born and raised in Texas, he joined the Marines on his 18th birthday. He spent 3 years in Iraq on a Demolitions squad and elected not to reup at the end of his tour. After a brief stay in California he returned home to Austin where he spent a few years in the bars and clubs establishing his reputation as a ladies man.

Last year the youngest daughter of his Sept Alpha became infatuated with him, insisting that they were meant to be together. Her father forbid the union and Micheal refused to run away with her. Heartbroken, she committed suicide by leach, attacking a well known Vampire hangout where she knew she would be severely outnumbered. Though nobody truly blamed Micheal, the Alpha could not bear to have him about and asked him to leave. His parents decided it would be best he visit Iceland and become better acquainted with his Father's people.

Though some may think he's just here to flirt, he's an accomplished sculptor of clay. Aside from making useful items for the Hov such as plates and such, he also crafts beautiful pottery both as gifts and for use in his bombs. More than just a pretty face, he is also a Demolitions expert.


*Micheal was sent to his Father's Homeland as punishment for dallying with an Elder Get's favorite daughter.
*Micheal was sent to remind the women of the Hov that even in a time of War when they are expected to be strong, they are still precious and deserve to be lavished with affection.
*Micheal toys with the ladies as a way of rebelling against his Black Fury Mother.
*Micheal was dedicated to Aphrodite as a child, blessed and charged to carry Her grace wherever he goes.
*Micheal is a romantic with a heart of gold, searching for The One.



IC Contact Info

Micheal has an apartment in Reykjavik, but when at the Sept can often be found either in the Hall or at the Hot Springs.


ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
Tony C and the Truth - Little Bit More
Nickelback - Animal
Chris Cagle - Chicks Dig It
Christian Kane - American High
Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places

Eye Candy

(Model is Theo Theodoridis)

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