Lexicon Guide

The Get of Fenris, like the Fianna, have a tradition of using special tribal terminology to denote things particular to the tribe. For example, a Fenrir might call a Get of Fenris sept a "Hov," but would be unlikely to use the term in mixed company or refer to a sept of different tribe or tribes. The lexicon here is entirely optional, and provided for those resaders who enjoy the more exotic turns of phrase.

Location: Get of Fenris Revised, page 45, White Wolf Publishing Inc
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Alf (pl. alfar) - faerie
Forseti - philodox
Fostring - breed
Gode - spiritual leader of a sept (often Master of the Rite)
Godi - theurge
Holmgang - challange
Hov - sept
Jarl - sept leader (usually a Modi)
Jormungandr - the Wyrm
Jotunn - servants of the Wyrm, historical enemies of the Get
Len - bawn
Modi - ahroun
Ragnarok - the Apocalypse
Rotagar - Ragabash
Skald - when capitalized, a Fenrir Galliard; when lower-case, a Nordic bard or talesinger
Ting - moot
Vandring - stepping sideways
Vette (pl. vettit) changeling
AEtling - kinfolk

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