**Ama Two sticks Richarsson **

Player: Megan Prettyman

Aliases: None

Rank: Kin

Tribe: Get of fenris

Auspice: Unknown Kin

Date of Birth January 1 1988

Breed: Homid

Pack: None

Titles: None

Camp: Yamirs sweat


5'2" skinny blond hair green eyes
Alluring x2


Notable Traits

  • Pure breed x3 Get of Fenris
  • Alluring x2
  • Gorgeous x2
  • looks to be in her late teens early 20's

=Common Knowledge=

  • she was adopted by freya the old alpha of the sept she was as before coming here
  • She had no memory of who she was once and was called Kari
  • She survived on her own in the wilds for weeks she traps animals for food for her self and to go to the sept stores
  • She was mute
  • She was Dropped off at the bar and left to fend for herself
  • She was put on a boat and shiped off to another place then put on a plane and shipped here



I heard the wind howel so loudly that night the night that the storm came down and swept away my life befor that night. The wind Screamed and bellowed and tore apart the house that held my life and memories and with the loss of the house i lost who i was and every thing about my self. when i came to i was not near the distruction of the storm but miles from where i had started not knowing who i was or where i belonged.
I could not remember the date or year and i wondered threw the woods trying to remember and not geting anything. but when i stoped and needed to survive i could. i could build a shelter start a fire and find wild fruits and vegtables that is how i survived for weeks until i was found and brought to where i am now. though it seems that with my memmory my voice has gone with it they have called me Kari told it meens gust of wind or curly haired. i hope my memory will come back to me.

My memory has returned to me but what i remember you must ask

=Kinfolk / Family=

*Unknown ask icly






=IC Contact Info=

  • watch for my nick in the ooc room or ask for me if people are looking for her
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