The Laws of the Land

Book Rules!!

Ok listen up! Straight from the Horse's mouth. If you want something that isn't from these basic books, you need to notate the following:

  • The name of the gift/item/merit/flaw/whatever that you wish to have.
  • The name of the book you found, and edition if it applies (the publishing year will do if you don't know this information.)
  • The page number you found it on.
  • A brief description of what it is, preferably with mechanics if it is something obscure.

Without this information you will be denied

Rules Arguments will be dealt with per the No Drama policy

Standard books are as follows:

  • MET Laws of the Wild
  • All Tribe Books
  • Kinfolk - Unsung Heroes
  • Werewolf Apocolypse - core TT book
  • Player's Guide to Garou (TT)
  • Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook (TT)

Iceland Rulings (Will be updated as rulings are made by the HST)

Linguistics: Garou allows non Garou pc to understand those speaking Garou or in Lupus. This does not allow you to communicate or respond to them, but you can understand what they are telling you.
Linguistics: Icelandic PC's entering play without Icelandic on their sheet will have to spend 3 months of downtimes and roleplay. Those who come in with the merit Natural Linguist cut the learning time down by half.
Taking other into the umbra Pc's with the ability to step into the umbra can take others along with them.
Starting Rage You start at your Auspice's rage as a cub and cannot buy it higher (Aka, the book says that, for example, a cub is capped at 3.. but Ahroun start with 5. So bringing in an ahroun cub or Firsting in game, you go with Auspice.)

Spending XP Keep in mind that certain things have learning times that need to be tracked through downtimes (in email, not pm). Also, you can't spontaneously go from brawl 2 to brawl 5 without downtimes and roleplay where the pc is training. Downtimes track these things and keep the st aware of what your pc is, xp expenditures submitted without the downtimes having been done may be rejected. To spend xp email moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci#moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci with what you are buying and how you are getting it, aka "I've spent the last month in downtimes training at hand to hand combat, spending 3xp to raise brawl from 2-5". Once the expenditure is approved, send the updated sheet to moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci#moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci in both GEX and RTF format. The most current sheet the ST's have on file is the valid one, so even if your xp was approved, if you don't send the updated sheet then you still don't have it.

Submitting Downtimes Downtimes are sent to moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci#moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci which will fwd to a list where the st's will discuss your actions and intent, if it needs discussion before a response is given. Any xp spending, plot chasing, or even just general "This is what my pc is up to between sessions" type actions go here.

Renown The ST will announce how much temporary renown is awarded at the end of plot things, however it is still up to you as the player to report at the end of each month what your pc has done to earn renown. This includes what was awarded in scenes, and what might be gained based on downtimes and roleplay. A fairly comprehensive Renown Chart is available (also uploaded to the googlegroup). Once the ST approves renown it can be added to your sheet, and if the pc has earned enough to rank up they can then look for someone appropriate to Challenge for recognition and follow the IC protocols for moving up. ALSO If your pc does anything that might lose renown such as Breaking the Litany you are REQUIRED to report it, the spirits are watching, they will see the naughty things you know you aren't supposed to be doing. This includes sexual acts of any kind, even with protection, or not involving actual sex with another Garou. Blowjobs and Buttsecks are still a breach of the litany. Failure to report to the st will be considered metagaming and an attempt to oocly avoid ic consequences.

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