Goldilocks and the three bears is an ages old story, but in this case refers to the Gurahl's triad of the Great Bear, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Goldi's Buri-Jaan had a sense of humor.


Creature Type Gurahl; Ice Stalker

Breed Homid

Auspice Kieh (equivelent to Theurge/Godi)

Rank Kovi (equivelent to Cliath)

Pack none



Basic Description:

In Homid she is a tallish woman standing at about 5'9, of obvious russian descent. She has eyes that are a light shade of brown that almost seems amber in certain lights, and honey blond hair. While not a beauty by most standards, she has a good figure and is not without her uniqueness.

Bear Form:
A large white/goldish polar bear.

Regular Outfit:
Most times she wanders about barefoot, wearing a simple white dress.

Brief Bio

A couple of years ago Goldi showed up on Radulf's doorstep. After a long, private conversation he announced that he was adopting her, and she has been part of the sept since.

She says openly that she was Chosen by the Great Bear, Gaia, and Fenris himself, marked with a crescent moon on her left shoulder. She is Destined to reunite the Guhral and Garou and right the wrongs committed in the War of Rage. Prophecy said that one would come, all the signs point to Goldilocks being the one…

The fate of many rests on the shoulders of a girl who looks barely Nineteen… She even admits that she was taught less than most young were-bears, because her people could not risk her knowing secrets that could be taken from her if she failed. If she fails, her people have only lost one girl, their secrets are safe.

In spite of the many sacrifices she has made, and continues to make, Goldi shows no resentment. This is what she is, a Gurahl who lives among the Garou, who hopes to bring Gaia's Healers and Gaia's Warriors together again.

Bear Raised by Wolves

*Radulf Thorgrimsson (Adopted Father)
*Elrick Radulfsson (Adopted Brother)
*Ivar Radulfsson (Adopted Brother)
*Slava Radulfsdottir (Adopted Sister)

*Vargynja (Wolf Raised by Bear Raised by Wolves)


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  • Really is Radulf's daughter, the product of a brief tryst with a female Gurahl.
  • Is being Courted by Robert Thaler
  • Brought Vargynja home from one of her infrequent trips to Siberia
  • Goldi has helped a couple of thrall's escape. We pretend not to know it was her.

IC Contact Info

  • Can often be found in the Hall, usually in Polar Bear form stretched out beside the fire or Jarl's Throne.


Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey


Dandy Warholds - Sleep

(For Vargynja) Carey Brothers - Blue Eyes

(For Robert Thaler) V.A.S.T. - Touched
Def Leppard Miss You In A Heartbeat & Animal


OOC Information

Notes Goldi is Magnetic x3, Charismatic x3, Empathetic x3
Player: Shanon Smith "myShanon" or any myWhatever type variant while ooc
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, April-n-Colin's apt
Contact info moc.liamg|annylyeb#moc.liamg|annylyeb

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