Gillian Elrickswyfe

Name Gillian Locitelli-Sivasdottir, Truthseeker
(yes she has a spirit name)

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Relation: mate, sister, daughter (use the last reference with caution, it could have you gutted >.>)

Notable Traits:
Dark red hair, more of the cherry variety of tones than orange or copper, technically classified as auburn. Her eyes are a dark blue, like the colour of blue from a basic box of crayons.

Gillian also tends to wear shirts with a bit of a collar to them, as she has a scar that looks like someone with fangs (<coughs>) bit her and then neglected to properly heal it after feeding. But occasionally this scar is visible.

Gillian also spent a month here detoxing from being "poisoned with leech blood", and during that time she stayed in Elrick's old bedroom while Elrick visited frequently.

She is also working in the city, she works in the Med Examiner's office. (so if somewolf gives her a good sniff on her way home from work, pm me so I can let you know if he/she smells anything rancid)

Pack: Should ask her >.>

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family:
mate: Elrick Radulfsson
brother: Ethan Locitelli

parents: Arild Locitelli and Siva (insert mother's surname here)
*note she rarely talks about her parents

Rites and Challenges: mmm, she's kin, but I suppose behaving is a challange sometimes? >.> No I'm kidding, she's spunky and independent but usually too busy to cause real trouble ^.^

Quests: not applicable

== Rumors ==
Gillian was part of a pack once! She rarely mentions names, but speaks of her fallen comrads highly when she does.

Gillian refused to change her name to the customary <father's-last-name>dottir when she moved to Iceland, claiming professional consistancy.


==OOC Information==

Player Gloomcookie

Location here <points> >.>

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