Eydìs Týrsdóttir


Player: Squee


  • Ey

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Born to the Get of Fenris

Born: May 31st, 1988

Auspice/Moon: Modi/Full Moon (Blue Moon)

Rank: Cub


Basic Description:
Eydis stands at a imposing, though rather average height of 5'11". Her build is that of a fighter, with corded muscles beneath fair skin. Her hair is dark, and falls thickly to the middle of her back, typically worn loose, unless she's tending to the Forge, in which she keeps it braided tightly back in one simple long braid. Her eyes are a startling blue, clear as crystal, and somewhat intimidating in their gaze. She is most often mistaken for her twin, Bryndis, which she seems quite used to. Just below her right palm, on her wrist, she bears a Valknut tattoo. Three small intertiwned triangles. Those in her presence, find her both extremely attractive, though very commanding, in a ferally intimidating way.

Everyday Outfit:
Eydis typically wears warm clothing. Leather pants with white furred trim, and simple warm sweaters with leather boots, likely with steel in the toe by the weight of them. She is always armed in one way or another.

Battle Gear:


When prepared for an actual battle, Eydis has a nice set of leather armor, made for her by her Uncle.

It consists of a hardened leather breast plate and pauldrons, with a leather gorget that laces in the front just below her throat, providing her with a great deal of mobility, and protection to her neck and shoulders. The breastplate is complimented with a cincher type belt, all of this worn over a thick woolen shirt, also for protection. She has a pair of leather vambraces, set with glyphs for strength, and old Norse Runes for protection. Her leg wear consists of thick woolen leggings, worn under a pair of firm leather breeches, with boots that reach her knee, with thin metal plates beneath the leather for protection.

Hanging from her belt, is one simple sheath, which belongs to Grundar, her custom made Nordic Sax, which is her preferred weapon of choice, and only weapon if she can help it. She does usually carry a small handful of daggers, mostly for throwing, or for an emergency, one of which is a twisted Tang Knife, that she keeps tucked in her right boot for most, if not all, occasions.

Basic Crinos Description:


Eydis, as typical of an Ahroun, though not typical of a cub so freshly shifted, is a battle machine. Ice blue eyes, similar to her breed form, but more feral, and violent, ready for the coming of her foe. Her build is solid, that of a born and bred brawler, though not without some grace in her movements. She towers over others in this form over some of the other less battle ready. Her fur is the typical grey of the northern wolves, with a bit of a mane cascading over her broad shoulders. In Crinos, she is nigh indistinguishable from others of the tribe, perhaps save for lack of battle scars. Her stance screams warrior, and one accustomed to battle.

Basic Lupus Description
In Lupus, Eydis is a powerfully built northern wolf with ruddy brown eyes, and a thick coat of white and grey fur, dark around her head and down her back, lighter towards her underbelly and paws. She has a severe glare in this form, critical of her surroundings, and ever vigilant. She seems a bit jumpy, but for a newly shifted, this is to be expected untill she's grown used to her new abilities.


  • Gerður
    • Mother
  • Týr
    • Father
  • Uncle
    • Uncle on her Father's side
    • Taught Eydis most of what she knows
    • Talented Smith
  • Bryndìs Týsdóttir
    • Twin Sister
    • Oldest of the two by minutes.

Common Knowledge

  • Daughter of a Smith
  • Known in the area for her uncanny skills in Smithing, both weapons and armor (Fame 1 Smithing)
  • Known to fight side by side with the younger Garou in battle, even though she's only Kin.
  • Has a twin sister
  • She seems to be in good company with the corax Muninn.
  • She joined the Garou on a raid against vampires, rescuing several Kinfolk Children, and felling a vampire on her own, claiming it's fangs as a trophy.
  • After a heated argument with her Pack Alpha, Eydis went and eliminated a pack of Banes, though they got the best of her and she was found unconscious among their remains.
  • She's left the pack led by Gabriel.
  • Currently being Courted by the Corax, Muninn.
  • Out Maneuvered Astridr, Aslaug, and Bryndis in their attempts to stop her from attacking Bryndis.
  • Tried to kill her sister in the hall, but was thwarted by a massive Bison spirit.
  • Currently suffering from nightmares.
  • She firsted on the first of February in the hall, causing injury to the kinfolk Siv, and to Gabriel in her frenzy.
  • She ended the courtship with the Corax, opting to focus fully on her lessons and tasks on Sept.
  • She's been seen to be friendly towards the the Kinfolk Micheal on the rare occasion they share company.


  • She's suicidal, throwing herself at creatures of the Wyrm without thinking first of her survival.
  • She's insanely jealous of… something… Thus her attempt on her Twin's life.

Daily Routine

In No particular Order

  • Tending to the Forge
  • Assisting in the Foundry
  • Patrols
  • Cub Lessons


What's known publicly, is Eydis was born second of a set of twins, to her mother, a Garou, and father, a Smith Kinfolk. Eydis took to the trade at an early age, hanging around the forge her father owned for several years, learning what she could. When he was no longer able to teach her futher, he sent her to her Uncle, on her father's side, to further her studies. There she stayed for several years, fulfilling an apprenticeship with her Uncle. While there, she met Gabriel.

Since then, she's joined a Totemless pack with Gabriel, her sister Bryndis, and the Fimbul Wolves that follow Gabriel.

After fulfilling her apprenticeship with her uncle, she was sent to Olai for even more.

She studied under Master Smith Olai for several months before the aging Garou laid claim to Eydis as his own daughter, taking pride in her skill. Eydis was more than pleased to be accepted as such, and put even more effort into her work.

It wasn't long before her sister and 'packmates' came looking for her, and settled at the Hov to assist with the growing threat.

Shortly thereafter, a Wyrm beast set fire to the Forge, where Eydis so dilligently worked. The Corax, Muninn, pulled her from the burning building, thusly saving her life, before he went back in for more of the precious materials valued by Olai. Eydis tended to the injured Corax, thankful for the rescue.

It became common knowledge that Eydis was displeased with the news that Ivar wished to court her sister, but no one could be for sure as to why. Eydis drowned herself in her work. She shut herself away from friends and family alike, to focus on her job.

When came a time for action, Eydis was readily available to go on a leech hunt with her pack and others, eradicating an entire nest of the creatures, and claiming a medallion as her prize.

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IC Contact Info

  • Ask around
  • Yell
  • Howl


OOC Information

Player: Manda aka Squee
Location: Illinois

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