Elrick Radulfsson

Name Elrick Radulfsson, Jotunns Bane, Sees the Truth, Shield Smasher, Jarl of Fenris' Jaw, bearer of the Ironhammer named Falsehood's Bane

Tribe Get of Fenris

Auspice Forseti (Philidox)

Rank Adren

Breed Homid


Notable Traits

Elrick stands six foot two made of muscle yet walking with a dexterous lope, he has a feral look about him as if he's watching prey and his brilliant blue eyes are rather wolfish, his shoulders and upper torso is covered in scar he is none the less fairly good looking and he seems to draw people to him. He also is slightly famous within the extreme games world. (Feral, Bestial, Scarred x2, Magnetic x3, Elegant x2, Fame 1)

Pack Fist of Ice

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

Father: Radulf Thorgrimsson- Conquers the Hive, Judges the Path, Reclaims the Right Ways, Keeps the Oath, Iron Fist Get of Fenris Homid Elder Forseti (Philidox)

Brother: Ivar Radulfsson

Sister: Jaroslava Radulfsdottir

Adopted Sister: Goldilocks

Mate: Gillian

Brother In Law: Ethan

== Rumors ==

==OOC Information==

Player Colin A. Douglas

Location Tulsa OK

Contact info moc.liamg|salguod.tnapmaRnoiL#moc.liamg|salguod.tnapmaRnoiL

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