Creating Your Character

Before sending in a sheet
Talk to the HST about your concept and background to make sure that he will allow it into play. Keep in mind that this is a Get of Fenris sept, and some concepts will not be considered valid. You need a really good explanation as to why it would survive or ever be respected here. A detailed 1-5 page background is preferred, and may be granted up to 5 bonus xp.

Special characters are granted only to those players who have proven responsible. This may be someone who the HST has personal roleplay experience with, or someone who has played another character for sufficient enough time to demonstrate that they can be trusted. These characters can and will be removed from play at any time should the player show the trust was misplaced or the pc is disruptive to the game. If you are new, you will likely have to play something more standard for a while, no matter who vouches for you the HST still needs to get to know you and see how you roleplay.

At this time we will not be approving any more Fera, this is a Garou game, and non Garou or Kin should be extremely rare.

We encourage you to bring in Get of Fenris characters, and as incentive we grant an extra 10xp (not free points) for character creation. This is only available to actual Get of Fenris, not those adopted from other tribes, sorry. (We have a lot of 'adopted Get' concepts right now and not nearly as many actual Get as the sept should have.)

Fianna, Silver Fang, Non Pacifist Child of Gaia, might reasonably be expected to find their way here and fit in so long as they show appropriate respect to the resident Get.

Silent Strider, as they wander frequently, may be considered, with reasonable concept and good write up. They will, however, be rare. We have one already, it is unlikely there will be more than two at any given time.

Glass Walkers may be considered as there is a Glass Walker Sept (Mechanical Revolution), however our sept (Fenris Jaw) is out in the middle of nowhere with limited electricity via generator and very little technology. Computers, Cellphones, etc are rare. We are about 20 miles east of Reykjavik, which is the largest city in the area, so not quite in the wilds but the tribal weakness will still become an issue.

Bone Gnawers are unlikely as we are outside of the city, but can be considered with sufficient justification in the concept and background.

Shadow Lords, those sneaky sneaky bastards, are unlikely to be trusted here… but again, if you come up with a really good concept and writeup, it will be considered.

Black Furies will be considered on a case by case basis. Man hating feminists who accuse the Get of being jerks are unlikely to survive their first hour of play and will not be approved. Concepts which have a reason to be among Get and have a functional relationship with them may be considered.

Red Talon, especially the traditional sort, are unlikely to be approved. Red Talon Homid will not be approved.

Wendigo or Uktena are unlikely to be approved without a really good concept and well written background justifying why they would be out in the middle of Iceland working with Get.

We are not approving any more pre-shift Lupus at this time, or Lupus kin. Post Shift Lupus are allowable.

Kinfolk are Homid only. Linguistics Garou is required to understand anything 'spoken' in Lupus or Garou. With the linguistics you can understand, NOT speak it.

Metis are allowed with good story, however they will be looked down icly as the Get have a strong caste system. While the Metis are allowed to survive, they are still an abberation.

Starting pc's are Cliath, or with accepted background justification may be Fostern. Cubs are allowed, but only if they are not going to be played obnoxiously. We have a Den Parent who is very good at her job and the pc will get beaten into submission regularly until they get with the program. If she has to beat you to death, this means you weren't worthy of Gaia anyway.

As a note to concepts and justification for entering play. The Sept is in a Time of War, word has gone out that Jotunn (BSD) forces of the Wyrm are amassing and plan to fall upon Fenris Jaw. Mechanical Revolution and Broken Jaw (the other 2 septs in Iceland) are sending people to help, and there are spirits and such carrying word further. Your pc is likely aware of the situation and either volunteered or was sent to help. This gives you plenty of reason to show up here. Also keep in mind that icly the Jarl is likely to send pc's away if they have no ability to help with the upcoming battle. Warriors are nice, but intel gathering, scouts, etc type concepts are awesome as well. PC's should have some skill or talent that makes them valuable in a Time of War (which is why pacifist concepts are not being approved).

Sheets and backgrounds are to be submitted to moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci#moc.liamg|emitnwod.eci in both RTF and GEX format (Download Grapevine if you don't have it, that is what we use.) You may not enter play until you receive confirmation of approval. (Approval may be granted for SOFT rp based on concept and background while the sheet is being looked over. This means that if you enter into a challenge based situation before the sheet is fully approved, you relent to all challenges.)

Per the houserules anything not out of the standard books will be denied if citation and writeup of mechanics are not submitted via email. We will not approve any custom mechanics/rules/gifts at this time.

Also keep in mind, the st approving your pc does not guarantee that the established pc's will welcome you. Tensions are high, sometimes newcomers are resented especially if they have a purpose similar to one already in play. We assume that your pc is smart enough to realize they may be treading on toes and that you as a player are aware of the IC consequences should your brand new pc who doesn't belong to the sept yet start picking fights with people who are already liked and respected. This shouldn't have to be explained.


INSPIRATION! Who be you?

Choose Concept

What are your basic capabilities?

Select Attributes 7/5/3 (6/4/3 for kin and pre-shifted)

What do you know? (Advantages)

5 abilities
3 basic gifts (one each of the starting breed/tribe/auspice gifts)
5 backgrounds
Note beginning renown (as per auspice and rank)

Final Touches

Assign Rage as per Auspice
(Ahroun 5, Galliard 4, Philodox 3, Theurge 2, Ragabash 1)

Assign Gnosis as per Breed
(Homid 1, Metis 3, Lupus 5)

Assign W/P as per Tribe
(All Tribes have 3 starting willpower except:
Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, and Wendigo who have 4)

Assign Neg traits, flaws
Spend 5 freebie traits

Assign 5 free lores and choose merits
Assign 40 xp **+5 xp if you write a full page of background or fill out the One Hundred Questions questionaire

10 bonus creation xp are given as incentive to play Get of Fenris pc's, this applies ONLY to born and bred Get, not adopted from or into other tribes.

Icelandic is the native tongue of Iceland, if your pc lives here, knew they were being sent, or had time to prepare they should have Linguistics: Icelandic. If you enter play without this, it will take 3 months in downtimes and roleplay to learn the language.


Abilities and Attributes Resource List

Lexicon Guide

**link for Character creation resources: merits/flaws etc.

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