Astridr Freyjasgydja

Deed Names:
Synsnagel (Norse: "Sight's Nail")
Sword of the Goddess

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Born: 1984

Auspice/Moon: Godi

Rank: Fostern

Pack: None



Basic Homid Description:
Astridr is a highly attractive young woman, with long, black hair and soft, white skin and eyes. She carries herself lightly, and is most often seen wearing a rather simple dress, usually of brown, red, or black, depending on the day, and sometimes multi-colored, with several pouches hanging from her belt. (4 Appearance, Pure Breed Get of Fenris 2)

Basic Crinos Description:

Basic Lupus Description: Astridr's lupus form is a quite typical, white-gray northern wolf.


  • Mother Ahroun, Father Kin; both in Rekjavik

Common Knowledge

  • Astridr is known to be versed in spirits and the umbra
  • Has once spent a 3-month period on a quest in the Umbra, looking to contact a spirit
  • Nearly died before said spirit quest, and raged back from the brink of death
  • For those who speak Norse: her last name, Freyjasgydja, means "Freyja's Priestess"
  • Said to have an ungodly amount of luck
  • Has made more than one trip to the Abyss


  • Is unable to have children
  • Spirits tend to be attracted to her
  • Has a tendancy to slip sideways in moments of stress


IC Contact Info

  • Howl or send a spirit. Astridr operates on a very theurge schedule, trying to attend to both worlds.


OOC Information

Player: Kaarin

Time Zone: EST

Location: Maryland

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