Venue Style and Setting Info

Fenris’ Jaw is set across a small inland sea twenty miles east of Reykjavik and roughly fifteen miles to the north of Selfoss at the foot of the Holta mountain range. This Sept was built in 850, twenty years before Reykjavik. It has stayed more or less within the same family as Jarls since it’s inception. Keeping within the Get of Fenris mindset this sept sees its self as always at or ready for war. It is well protected both by the mountain range and inland sea and by the fencing and guard posts that have been put up. There is a massive hall near the back which is made primarily of wood. There are various other buildings ranging from the forge and foundry to the weapons and food storages, as well as a couple separate dwelling places. The Sept is fairly self-reliant however they have been known to allow others who have not been blessed to be of the Get of Fenris. There are roaming guards at all times and this Sept is famed for being one of the best guarded Get Septs.

Meeting Places are as follows:

The Hall: A massive wooden structure that is rather utilitarian looking on the outside, the interior is another story. As one enters from the front they are greeted by polished wooden floors that cover the area except for the middle which is dirt and has a nice sized fire, whether it be due to the theurges or the spirit’s or simply creative ingenuity the smoke flows straight up to an exit at the top rather then filling the room. There is often a young boy with a band about his neck marking him as a thrall tending to the fire. Which is also where the food is prepared. Behind the fire is a massive throne with carved ravens at the top of the backrest and carved snarling wolf heads on the arm rests, this is the ancestral seat of the Jarls. Amidst the rest for the room there are long tables and benches. There are side rooms as well which are intended for lodging, in addition to the lodge houses. The Caern heart rests below the hall. #ice-hall

The Hot Springs: The hot springs are one of the major gathering places on the sept, they are renown for their healing powers and are quite relaxing (regain a wp or heal one lethal). A number of people are fully dressed or naked and often mill about this place. Sex in public is discouraged as its a sign of affection.. boo affection. #ice-hotsprings

Lodge House: There are two of these and they are not segregated by gender but rather by age. One is intended for families with children and these are more apartment like. The other is a simple barracks like format. #ice-lodge

The Lupus Dens: There is a network of den like caves that are attached to the Caern Heart that are intended for Lupus to dwell in. #ice-dens

The Caern Heart: This is below the hall and has a number of six guards at all times. It is in the depths of a shallow cave, there are a number of places with blot bowls intended to give honor to each tribes totem. #ice-caernheart

The Forge: A massive affair that is intended to serve all of the septs needs from armor to weapon-smithing to other necessary items. This till recently was run by a massive older Get of Fenris named Olai who was of English extraction. He has recently taken a more hands off approach staying around to beat some metal and offer advice when asked. #ice-forge

The Foundry: A fairly large building as well, here metals are melted down to be used in the forge. This is currently run by the twins (Brumhilda and Frieda) who are mated to Olai. #ice-foundry

The Tannery: This place stinks to high heaven but is absolutely necessary to the self reliance of the Sept. Not only are skins tanned and hardened here but there are also those who do leather working and such here. #ice-tannery

Brewery and Bee Hives: This is where the Septs mead and ale are made, there are a number of Bee Hives behind the Brewery its self which has a number of Oak barrels as well as Glass Carboys and other such necessary items. #ice-brewery

Cold House: There is room for slaughtering for animals that might be brought to the Sept, however the majority of the space is left for keeping fish and other meats cold. There are a number of sharks hanging for fermenting for making Hackeral which is an Icelandic delicacy #ice-coldhouse

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